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Top Up Your Holiday Fund

Loan to Travel Abroad and loans australia

Are you suffering from FOMO as your friends travel abroad? Or are you long overdue for an island getaway?

Make sure you're organised and top up your travel fund so that you can go travelling and enjoy as much culture and as many activities as possible while you're abroad.

We’re offering personal loans with rates from 8.5%, with a comparison rate of 9.23%.

Life is too short to wait, get out and experience the world while you still can!

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Get out and go travelling

Popular holiday destinations including Maldives, Egypt, Canada & Italty

Whether you are planning to travel the world or just take a long overdue break, many happy people have used our travel finance and holiday loan packages to visit new places.

Use our calculator to get a better idea of your potential repayments and get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

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Please note: Normal lending and criteria applies, to approved applicants only.

Loan to Travel Abroad


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Getting pre-approved finance is as good as gold. Shop around and find your perfect toy knowing you have the money ready to go.

Once we assess your application, we’ll let you know how much you can borrow and what your potential repayments will be. Your approval will be valid for 31 days, after which you can extend provided your financial situation is unchanged.

Not only does pre-approval increase your standing as a buyer, it means you can settle faster and also gives you an edge in the negotiation as seller risk is minimized.

At Money Centre, we offer pre-approval at no cost. So you can get pre-approval, and if you don’t buy anything, there’s no cost to you at all. We’re nice like that.

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