History of the Triumph Thruxton Motorcycle

April 3, 2018

History of the Triumph Thruxton Motorcycle

If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, then you’ve heard of Triumph. Back in the day, they made bikes that topped races and were even featured in movies. The Thruxton, one of their bestsellers, stands out for its long history that gives credit to mechanics, dealers, and racers working together to make the best possible bike.

Where it all started

Triumph Engineering produced 52 motorcycles called the Thruxton Bonneville in May of 1965 in Meriden, England. Lovingly called 'Bonnies' these were used in the 500-mile endurance race of the Thruxton Circuit, among many others. During competitions, the bikes fared well and consistently won top spots.

The evolution

Triumph ThruxtonAs races became more common, the need for a bike that delivers became evident. The Thruxton Bonnevilles were modified by private owners and dealers at the encouragement of the company. With the factory version only having 46 bhp, mechanics and racers alike put in a lot of work to make it more reliable with 54 bhp.

Their years of effort have not left them eating dust. Instead, it gave birth to many café racers—motorcycles that are built to go fast and are best for short distances. But after some time and changes in the company, their focus was shifted to other models. It wasn’t until 2004 that the Thruxton would resurface.

While it’s 1965 version had a top speed of 140+ mph, 2004's Thruxton 900 can reach 110 mph. The engine is air-cooled, vertical twin with a dual overhead cam and now 865cc instead of 790cc. The steering angle became steeper because of the longer rear shocks. But it has kept its vintage look with its clip-on handlebars. Though this model is not exactly for racing, many agreed that it's as fun to ride as it is to look at.

Where it’s at

The Thruxton has been produced every year since 2004 and, naturally, its 2018 release is something to watch out for. The bike comes in two ranges, the Thruxton 1200 available in three colors while the Thruxton 1200 R has four colors to choose from.

Triumph Thruxton newer modelThough it has maintained its classic look, these bikes are nowhere near outdated. With a 1200cc, liquid-cooled, SOHC 270 crank angle twin engine with a six-speed transmission and torque of 112Nm at 4950 rpm it has come quite a long way. Its front suspension is a KYB 41 mm cartridge forks with 120 mm travel and KYB twin shocks with an adjustable preload, 120 mm rear wheel travel for the back suspension. Its pricier range, the Thruxton 1200 R, gets the same engine, but for suspension, it’s fitted with Öhlins twin rear shocks and Showa big piston forks that are both fully adjustable.

Enjoy a test ride

Buying a Triumph Thruxton is equivalent to taking a piece of history with you. Since the beginning, its makers have been all about improvement, so you could count on seeing more from them in the future. But if you’re interested in a more personal approach, head to the nearest dealer and take one for a ride and see if it ticks all your boxes.

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