About Money Centre

At Money Centre, we want to offer our clients something different. We want to find you finance options that are straightforward, easy to get and that suits your needs and lifestyle perfectly.

We’ve got the experience and the drive to get the best available deal for our customers. Our access to a wide range of lenders nation-wide means we can go above and beyond what the major banks offer.

We are a special breed here at Money Centre. We aren’t a lender or finance broker. We are independent, and we’re here for you. We use our expert knowledge and contacts to hook you up with the perfect lender, rate and repayment options for your needs. You’re all we care about. We only get paid once a finance application settles, and even then, we’ll let you know what that amount is. There’s no secrets between us, the way it should be.

We do the hard yards for you, getting our hands dirty so you don’t need to worry about getting multiple enquiries and risking your credit rating in the process. Just one application to our experienced personal consultants and we will provide you with a comprehensive assessment and information on all the products and services that meet your individual needs.

We want to see you #shakeyourmoneymaker straight into your new car, truck, jet ski, caravan, boat, or whatever leisure vehicle you have your eye on. At Money Centre, we want to be your money maker, your sugar daddy. We want to help you to reach your lifestyle goals with our fast and competitive finance rates.

So come on, give us a shake and see what happens.

About Money Centre - Low Interest Australian Finance Loans


  • We’re fast, friendly and flexible
  • We offer low, competitive rates
  • We tailor finance packages based on your individual needs
  • We have a huge lender database
  • We do the dirty work for you, getting the most competitive rates from our database of lenders
  • We specialise in leisure assets
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