5 Reasons Why Caravanning is the Best

October 13, 2017

5 Reasons Why Caravanning is the Best

Love travel, freedom and exploring the beautiful country? Then it’s safe to say caravanning is for you. It’s not outdated or just for retirement. It’s actually one of the best ways to get out off the beaten track, exploring amazing places year-round in comfort and not spending a dime on fancy hotels that are full of people you don’t want to see. Caravanning is the best, and in this blog, we give you the top 5 reasons why.

5. You connect and meet new people

Meeting people is the best. Traveling by caravan gives you the opportunity to connect with people who share the same passion for exploring. There’s honestly nothing better than sitting down for a game of cards and a drink with new friends after a day out exploring.

And you also have the added benefit of a cool caravan conversation starter (bonus)!

On the other hand, if you just want to be alone, you absolutely can. Unlike hotels and resorts, travel by caravan means you can completely avoid humans whenever you want, getting off the beaten track and enjoying some solitude to reinvigorate and recharge your batteries.

4. It’s a greener option

A lot of modern caravans are now built using recyclable materials and sustainable manufacturing techniques in an attempt to reduce valuable resources, such as water and energy. New caravans also now have a lot of green options available, such as solar panels, wood-burning stoves, and compost toilets. Not only is this good for the environments, but it saves you money and allows you do live off-grid if you’re so inclined.

3. You can bring your pet

Your furry little friend doesn’t need to be left in a kennel or cattery. There will be no more tears as you depart on a holiday. One of the absolute best things about a caravan is that your pet can comfortably come along for the ride. Not only does this save you money on housing your pet, but you have a buddy to explore with that wants to go exactly where you do, every time!

2. You can travel all year

Big trip, small trip; a caravan doesn’t discriminate. Whether you get on the road for a weekend down the coast or take off for 6 months around Australia, your caravan is the perfect travel option. Thanks for insulation, air con, and other modern design inclusions, your caravan is liveable during summer, winter, and everything in between.

1. You’re free to do whatever you want

No longer do you have to worry about where to spend the night or getting to the next stop on time. Booking hotels and sticking to a schedule can put a damper on your trip, so having the ability to completely change your plans and take off in any direction you choose is really liberating. It means you will truly enjoy your holiday and appreciate your surroundings.

Caravans are an investment in your lifestyle and enjoyment. Travel the way that you want to, whenever you want to, and get out of the overcrowded resort areas! When you are ready to purchase a caravan of your own, give our leisure asset specialists a call on 1300 304 204 or get in contact with us online for a chat to discuss your needs.

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